Add Your Name: Donald Trump is not above the law

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Add your name if you agree: No one is above the law, including Donald Trump. I support Common Cause's legal efforts to disqualify Trump from the ballot and hold him accountable.

Donald Trump’s legal team just argued to the Supreme Court that even a candidate who is an “admitted insurrectionist” should be able to run for – and win election – to the presidency.

You read that right.

Even after a federal court just held that Trump is NOT immune to prosecution for his actions on January 6th, he’s still sticking to his far-fetched argument that the Supreme Court should ignore the U.S. Constitution, give him a “free pass” for instigating an insurrection to overturn the 2020 election results, and allow him to run for office.

With your help, we’ve been pushing back against Trump’s claims and shining a light on the holes in his legal arguments.

In the brief we submitted to the Supreme Court, we document the truth: after hearing from both sides in a five-day trial, a Colorado court found strong evidence that the former president primed heavily-armed supporters to break into the Capitol with the intent of violently overturning the election.

That’s why we’re urging the Court – for the sake of our democracy – to hold Trump accountable. Join us in calling for accountability today.

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