LOG YOUR CALLS: Stop HJR1 & SJR2 and Preserve One Person, One Vote in Ohio

BOTH the Ohio House (HJR1) and Ohio Senate (SJR2) are advancing bills that would lock in minority rule in Ohio and allow 40% +1 of voters to dictate law and policy to everyone else.

Our access to the ballot is the only thing that allows us to push back when the (gerrymandered) legislature is unresponsive to the needs and concerns of the majority.

Please make the following calls today:

  • Your Ohio Representative AND your Ohio Senator. Look them up HERE.
  • Rep. Plummer, Chair of the House Constitutional Resolutions Committee: 614-644-8051
  • Senator Rulli, Chair of the Senate General Government Committee: 614-466-8285

Here’s an idea of some things to say:

  • Ohioans have had access to the ballot for over 100 years, and they have not abused that privilege.
  • It is already very hard to get an issue on the ballot. Making it harder will only advantage out-of-state groups with money to spend.
  • Democracy means one-person, one-vote. Do not vote to lock in minority rule in Ohio.
  • 40% of Ohioans should not be allowed to hold power of 60%. Majority rule is the basis of our democracy.
  • Locking in minority rule in Ohio means ending democracy as we know it.
  • Vote no on HJR1/SJR2.

Once you have finished, click the button on the right to LOG YOUR CALLS.

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