Syracuse Community Mapping Workshops!

We will be holding Syracuse-specific community mapping seminars, where people will learn how to analyze the draft map. The first one will be at 2:30pm on Thursday, May 26th at at the white branch library and the second will be at 6:30pm on Tuesday, May 31st at the Southwest Community Center

Activists fought to pass the citizen-led redistricting commission model in 2019, the first of its kind in New York. The new Syracuse redistricting process puts the power in the hands of a group of 15 citizens, who were selected partly at random from over 100 applicants. Throughout this process, we hope the commission will show that inclusive, thoughtful, and transparent redistricting is possible here in New York state.

The citizen-led redistricting commission in Syracuse has announced five more public hearings in the months of May and June. There were five previous meetings held in March and April.

We hope to help folks in Syracuse learn about these upcoming opportunities to attend public hearings in-person or virtually since this redistricting cycle will be the first time that Syracuse will use a citizen-led redistricting model and its success will count on driving people to meetings and gathering input from the community.