Add Your Name: No anti-voter legislation in Pennsylvania

PA State Legislature

Members of the Senate GOP in Pennsylvania are making another disturbing move forward with their anti-voter agenda.

They’ve got a plan to make it harder to vote – and they just added a slew of amendments overnight with no time for public discussion that would add unreasonable voter ID requirements, remove state constitutional protections for abortion rights, and create a Bureau of Elections designed to replicate the disastrous sham ballot reviews we’ve been fighting for two years now.

The Senate Republicans pushing this bill know that these plans would never pass in a fair way – so they’re proposing these policies as constitutional amendments to circumvent the governor’s expected veto.

Sign our petition: The Senate’s plans to make it harder to vote are cruel and anti-democratic, and we will not accept any more rollbacks of our voting rights.

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We've already seen the catastrophic effects of the election denying and sham election review that Pennsylvania Republicans have been pushing for two years now. Now, they're trying to abuse our constitutional amendment system to push through voter ID, strip away constitutional protections for abortion rights, and create a whole agency to run sham ballot reviews -- and it's unacceptable. We will not tolerate any more attacks on our voting rights.