Protect students' freedom to vote in North Carolina

The North Carolina General Assembly

Recently leaked audio reveals that Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer who tried to help Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election, is now working with anti-democracy forces here in North Carolina to take away voting locations from our college campuses.

These extremists don’t like the way that college students vote, so they're attacking the right of college students to cast a ballot. If Mitchell and her supporters get their way, colleges could lose polling places and students could have their freedom to vote severely restricted.

Students have worked hard over the years to fight for many of these polling sites on campus. Your vote is your voice – don’t let anyone keep you from exercising your right! Sign our petition to protect voting rights for college students in North Carolina.

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For years, county boards of elections in North Carolina have had the option to assign polling locations on college campuses. These important on-campus voting sites serve students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.

Any effort to bar polling places on college campuses is an attack on the voting rights of students and university communities.

Please protect on-campus voting and stand up for everyone's freedom to vote.