End gerrymandering in Ohio

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Last Wednesday, it was no surprise that the Ohio Supreme Court struck down the fifth set of General Assembly maps adopted by the Ohio Redistricting Commission. These Ohio House and Senate maps are identical to the third set of maps that the same court struck down on March 16.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. On Friday, ACLU Ohio filed a motion asking the federal court to extend the legislative map decision to June 6, the date that the Ohio Supreme Court ordered for new state legislative maps. This would have meant new voting districts rather than using maps that have already been rejected.

But later that day, a federal panel established Aug. 2 as the new primary date for the state legislative races. Not only that, but they also ordered the state to use the Ohio House and Senate maps created in February (the third and fifth maps created by the Ohio Redistricting Commission.

Sadly, the majority party’s strategy of repeatedly submitting gerrymandered maps while running out the clock has worked well for the GOP members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission.

But we are not done fighting for fair districts and fair elections! Do you support amending Ohio’s Constitution to take the mapmaking away from elected officials? Say YES, and sign this petition!

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Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved new rules for state legislative and congressional maps. We expected a transparent, bipartisan process and fair districts that keep communities together. Instead, elected officials from the party in power crafted extreme gerrymanders. We support taking the mapmaking away from those in power and the creation of an insulated citizens commission. The Ohio Constitution must be amended yet again to stop the manipulation of districts so that Ohio voters can participate in meaningful elections.