Oppose GOP-led efforts to create dangerous election police forces

State legislatures

The same Republicans who’ve been using Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election to push egregious anti-voter laws are rolling out a new intimidation tactic: election police forces.

In swing states like Florida and Georgia, GOP-led legislatures are creating these police forces – which cost millions of dollars to establish and maintain – in hopes that they’ll deter especially Black and brown voters from casting a ballot.

How? When voters hear that police will be investigating election issues, it may frighten them into staying home on Election Day. Per one voting expert: “If you think you made a mistake, and now you’re going to be investigated by [the police], that’s big and scary.” [1]

Our representatives should be encouraging each and every eligible voter to cast a ballot, not putting up new obstacles to scare off these voters. But these politicians would rather cling to power through intimidation than hold free and fair elections.

It’s outrageous – and we can't sit idly by while they threaten voters’ rights to score political points with right-wing agitators who still refuse to accept President Biden’s 2020 win.

Sign now to let these Republicans know that you oppose their plans to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on vanity election police forces that silence voters.

1) https://time.com/6160938/voting-election-police/

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Washington, DC

To: State legislatures
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I strongly oppose efforts by legislators in Florida, Georgia, and any other state to establish election police forces.

Republicans are trying to use Donald Trump’s long-disproven conspiracy theories to justify the creation of these police forces – but in reality, they will only deter eligible voters from casting a ballot.