Protect the USPS: Tell the Board of Governors to fire Louis DeJoy

USPS Board of Governors

Picture of Louis Dejoy in black and white on a red background that says "Postmaster General Louis DeJoy wants to further slow down our mail delivery. He must be fired."

Louis DeJoy – the GOP mega-donor who was handpicked by Donald Trump to run the Postal Service – has announced his plan to phase out 50,000 USPS jobs in the coming years.

Since taking office, DeJoy has done nothing but try to bring the Postal Service to a grinding halt. Ahead of the 2020 election, he helped further Trump’s crusade against vote-by-mail by placing outrageous restrictions on postal workers and removing mailboxes by the truckload.

And now, on top of raising prices, closing post offices, slowing our mail delivery, and more – DeJoy is now planning to drastically shrink the USPS workforce.

Here’s what we can do about it: two pro-DeJoy members of the USPS Board of Governors will soon reach the end of their terms. This is the only body that can fire DeJoy – and if Biden acts quickly to replace these members and the Senate confirms them, the Board could FINALLY have the momentum it needs to do so.

Add your name if you agree: President Biden and the USPS Board of Governors must act swiftly to ensure that Louis DeJoy is FIRED.

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To: USPS Board of Governors
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Since taking office, Louis DeJoy has done nothing but gum up USPS operations and try to bring the Postal Services to a grinding halt. Last year, he rolled out a now infamous 10-year plan that will make the Postal Service less affordable and accessible for many of us -- and now has announced his plan to phase out 50,000 USPS jobs.

We can't let him continue to gut this vital service. To save our Postal Service, I urge you to fire Louis DeJoy and replace him immediately.