REJECT and RESCIND any calls for an Article V Convention

State legislators

Text reads "Defend our rights. Reject & rescind calls for an Article V convention." over a picture of fists raised in solidarity

Just six states stand between you, me, and a dangerous Article V Convention that could gut our Constitutional rights.

Corporate front groups like ALEC are spending huge sums of money this year to ram through an Article V convention – bringing us ever closer to Constitutional chaos.

Because there are no rules for a convention in the Constitution, the delegates could be unelected and unaccountable. There’s nothing to stop them from trying to shred our First Amendment protections, gut environmental regulations, and roll back civil rights advances.

We need your help to stop this attack on our Constitution. Add your name now to tell your lawmakers to REJECT all calls for an Article V Convention.
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We the People will not allow unelected, unaccountable delegates to write their agenda into our Constitution. Our state lawmakers must reject any new Article V Convention calls and rescind any existing calls for a Convention.