Stop letting candidates who lose the popular vote win the presidency

State legislatures

Did you know that two-thirds of voters live in states that presidential candidates almost never visit?

That’s right. Because of our broken Electoral College, presidential hopefuls know that they only need to focus on a few battleground states to win – so they mostly leave the rest of us out and rarely even bother trying to campaign for our vote.

And worse, two of the past six elections have gone to the popular vote loser – meaning two of our most recent presidents failed to get more votes from the American people than their opponent.

That doesn’t sound like a fair democracy by the people to me. Our democracy shouldn’t give some Americans’ voices more weight than others.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV) would ensure that all of our votes count equally when picking our next president – and that the candidate who gets the most votes always wins the presidency. Add your name to tell states to sign on.
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We urge states across the country to join the National Popular Vote Compact – and stop letting candidates who lose the popular vote win the presidency.