Tell AT&T and others: Stop funding Trump’s insurrectionists

AT&T, General Motors, UPS, American Airlines, & more

Five days after the January 6th insurrection, AT&T promised that it’d stop funding the Republican lawmakers who incited it.

But this winter, the company broke its pledge.

That’s right: just one year after the attack – AT&T’s corporate PAC donated tens of thousands of dollars directly to the campaigns of more than a dozen GOP election deniers. [1] It seems the company’s short-lived pledge to put democracy first was nothing more than empty words.

And AT&T is not alone. PACs of companies – like General Motors, UPS, American Airlines, and many more – that promised to halt donations to these Republicans in the wake of the insurrection have since collectively kicked in more than $2,300,000 to help re-elect them. [2]

These corporations are hoping that we won’t notice. They think that a year was enough time for everyone to move on – and that we won’t care that they’ve started fueling the spread of dangerous disinformation again.

AT&T and others are particularly worried about their public images right now – and by speaking out, we can strike a powerful blow for corporate accountability. Add your name to join the nationwide outcry.


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Washington, DC

To: AT&T, General Motors, UPS, American Airlines, & more
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Now that AT&T and other major corporations think nobody is looking, they’re breaking their pledges and once again funding GOP politicians who – by peddling Trump’s lies and refusing to certify the 2020 election – incited the insurrection at our Capitol.

We urge these companies to stop bankrolling election objectors and recommit to putting our democracy before their political interests.