Tell cable providers: No Fox Fee

Xfinity/Comcast, Spectrum/Charter, and Cox Communications

Tucker Carlson

Fox News just settled with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million in their defamation trial.

That’s right: Fox is paying big – all to dodge a full public account revealing that they knew the 2020 elections were safe and legitimate, but pushed false conspiracy theories anyways.

After Dominion discovered and shared explosive evidence revealing that Fox News and Rupert Murdoch intentionally lied to their viewers for profit, Fox News had to back down.

Rupert Murdoch wouldn’t give up $787 million unless much, much more was at stake for him. The revelations that have come from this case are already damning – and they couldn’t have come at a worse time for Fox.

Why? Because right now, Fox is renegotiating their contracts with cable providers. And whether you watch Fox “News” or not, it’s the 2nd most expensive channel in the basic cable package after live sports.

Fox knows that a full, public accounting of how they deliberately lied to fuel an attack on our democracy would be devastating for their bottom line. That’s why it’s no wonder they rushed to settle the case against them – before the trial even started.

Fox settled for $787 million because they knew their case would not stand up in court or the public eye. But even if you’ve never watched Fox News, they’re about to make you pay off their legal fees – by demanding huge rate increases from providers and raising your cable bill.

Fox makes billions every year – because they charge cable providers two to three times their market value, the “Fox Fee”, that they pass on to consumers. Now, they plan to renew these cable contracts – and increase their fees yet again, at our expense.

I don’t want my cable bills going to pay Fox’s legal fees. Now is the time to send a clear message: we will not foot the bill for Fox to undermine American democracy. Tell cable providers to say NO to the Fox Fee. It’s a tax on consumers and an attack on America.

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Allowing Fox News to continue profiting off disinformation and conspiracy theories – when we ALREADY know that they’ve lied to viewers about our elections – is a major mistake, and dangerous for our democracy.

We're calling on cable providers to say no to the Fox Fee. We will not pay more in our cable bills to subsidize Fox News' lies.