Tell Congress: End Big Money’s stranglehold on our democracy

U.S. Congress

How can we trust our elected officials to combat climate change when their campaigns are benefitting from massive amounts of money from dirty energy companies?

How can we expect members of Congress to fight for reasonable drug prices when big pharmaceutical corporations are spending top dollar to help them get re-elected?

The answer: it’s nearly impossible. As long as wealthy special interests can back political campaigns with unrestricted sums of money, often in secret – they will drown out the voices of everyday voters.

This country’s major money-in-politics problem got worse with the Supreme Court’s disastrous 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC. This landmark ruling and some that followed have allowed corporations and special interests to shell out billions of dollars to influence our elections over the past 12 years.

They buy victories for the politicians of their choosing, who then return the favor with pro-corporate policies – which we all pay the price for.

But right now, a sweeping solution is on the table. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has proposed a commonsense constitutional amendment that would let states and Congress rein in the undue influence of money in our elections.

Sign this petition to let your members of Congress know that you’re counting on them to support this amendment – and put an end to Big Money’s stranglehold on our democracy.

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Big Money corrupts American politics and creates a vicious cycle, funneling more wealth and power to those at the top – at the expense of what actually matters to us like better schools, affordable healthcare, and clean air and water.

That is why I urge Congress to pass Rep. Adam Schiff’s constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC – and limit the influence that wealthy special interests have on our democracy.