Tell Congress: Honor Dr. King by passing voting rights legislation

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A lot of people talk about democracy, but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived it.

His work represented democracy in action – organizing people together to fight for equity, justice, and a genuine multi-racial democracy. But the sad reality is: right now, our democracy isn’t living up to Dr. King’s legacy.

In the past year alone, courts weakened the Voting Rights Act, at least 14 state legislatures passed blatant voter suppression laws, and far-right lawmakers in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina pushed discriminatory electoral maps that dilute Black voting power.

The truth is, we can’t ensure a democracy that lives up to Dr. King’s ideals without strong federal voter protections.

Together, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act – which would fulfill the voting rights legacy of Dr. King’s contemporary, the late civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis – and the Freedom to Vote Act would do just that: enshrine lasting voting rights protections into law.

We’re calling on Congress to honor Dr. King’s Dream by taking action to expand and protect voting rights for ALL Americans. Add your name if you’re with us .

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This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, honor his legacy by passing the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and Freedom to Vote Act.

These crucial bills would enshrine lasting voting rights protections into law -- ensuring EVERY voter can make their voice heard in our democracy.