Tell Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook must fact check Donald Trump

Mark Zuckerberg

Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg shaking hands over a picture of the Facebook logo

Donald Trump is officially back on Facebook and Instagram.

He’s sure to use these platforms to continue spreading the same dangerous lies about our democracy – and this time, Facebook is giving him a free pass from their fact-checking policy while he runs for president!

I don’t need to tell you how dangerous this is – the last time Trump’s election lies went unchecked, he abused his massive online megaphone to incite the violent January 6th insurrection – which led to the ban that may now be lifted.

Since that deadly day, bipartisan investigators in Congress have uncovered a mountain of evidence showing how Trump’s social media vitriol was like “rocket fuel for extremists” – which means holding his statements to the same factual standards as every other user is the absolute least companies like Facebook and Twitter can do.

We need to take election disinformation seriously – and Facebook has an obligation to moderate their content and counter disinformation.

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Washington, DC

To: Mark Zuckerberg
From: [Your Name]

Donald Trump cannot rejoin Facebook with a free pass to lie and incite violence.

Facebook needs to actually enforce their policies against disinformation and violent rhetoric, especially against political candidates.