Tell the new USPS Board: Fire Louis DeJoy

USPS Board of Governors

The USPS Board of Governors may finally have enough reform-minded members to oust Trump’s hand-picked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for good.

DeJoy is the GOP mega-donor who Trump wanted in charge of the USPS to help sabotage vote-by-mail in the 2020 election. He was widely criticized that year for imposing outrageous restrictions on postal workers, removing mailboxes by the truckload, and more.

And even though Trump is no longer in office, DeJoy is still running the USPS – and committed to bringing the agency to a grinding halt. He even rolled out a horrendous 10-year plan to further slow down first-class mail delivery, reduce Post Office hours, and raise postage prices.

But there’s hope. The Senate recently confirmed two more of President Biden’s nominees to the USPS Board of Governors, the only body that can fire DeJoy – meaning the Board may finally have the reform-minded majority it needs to do so.

But so far, no commitments have been made either way about DeJoy’s future at the USPS.

Enough is enough – we can’t let the Postal Service suffer another day under DeJoy’s leadership. People across the country are counting on the USPS to safely deliver their paychecks, their life-saving medications, and their ballots.

If you agree that the USPS Board of Governors should fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy immediately, add your name.

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To: USPS Board of Governors
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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has tried year after year to sabotage the USPS. Families, voters, and small businesses across the country rely on this vital public service – and we cannot let DeJoy do them any more harm.

To save our Postal Service, I urge you to fire Louis DeJoy and replace him immediately.