We need fair, independent redistricting

State legislatures

As final results have come in from U.S. House races across the country, one thing is crystal clear: gerrymandering was decisive in who controls Congress.

I’m sure you’re seeing the same headlines I am – with just a few seats making the difference between Republican or Democratic control of the U.S. House, the partisan shift from gerrymandered maps in states like Florida and Alabama may have made all the difference, according to an analysis by Politico.

But a lot of Americans are also breathing a sigh of relief about how smoothly this election went – largely thanks to the work Common Cause and our allies have done to stop gerrymandering and ensure fair, independent redistricting in states like California, Colorado, and Michigan

Tell state legislatures: Election results should reflect the will of the people – not the outcome of politicians manipulating lines. For truly fair, free elections, we need independent redistricting.
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American elections should be about you and me choosing who represents us – not a competition to see which political party can draw more self-serving maps.

We need fair and independent redistricting in every state.