Have a question about the toolset?

Email us at support@actionnetwork.org, and we will work with you to find a solution. We provide support within business hours 9-5pm ET, and we try to get back to you within an hour — though often you’ll hear back from us within minutes.

Our extensive library of support documents and tutorials is also available 24/7.

After switching to Action Network, the support requests we got from our affiliates dropped 90%. Action Network tools work for you; you don’t have to work for the tools.

Chris Kenngott


Our training program is designed to provide resources to Action Network partners of all sizes and experience levels. We host a variety of trainings each month, from basic 101 trainings to advanced feature trainings. Visit our Trainings page to view and register for upcoming trainings.

Want something specific?

We love partnering with organizations and trainers to provide new material and creative trainings. If you are interested in scheduling a training for your team, or you have an idea for a training, email us here: partnerships@actionnetwork.org.

Meet The Support Team

Mari Vangen

Mari Vangen

Director of Training and Partnerships

I'm Mari (she/her). I'm the Director of Training and Partnerships at Action Network. I enjoy working with Action Network partners of all sizes to grow successful digital programs. I lead the training program (sign up here for our next training!) and manage our partner on-boarding process. I'm passionate about model driven organizations and love the cooperative development model we've created here at Action Network.

Before Action Network, I spent my time organizing around feminist issues. First, at the District Alliance for Safe Housing and then at the Feminist Majority Foundation as the Midwest Organizer. I believe that both safe housing and access to abortion are human rights. As a proud Midwesterner, I enjoy talking about how great Minnesota is. I'm an avid participant in the Dogspotting Facebook group and am happy to argue about the best ice cream in DC (it’s Trickling Springs).

Amy Chin-Lai

Amy Chin-Lai

Product Specialist

I'm Amy (she/her), I'm the Action Network Product Specialist. I'm passionate about supporting partners’ activism and helping people use the tools effectively. I came to Action Network as an intern in January 2017 when I realized the value of digital organizing in the resistance. I joined the support team full-time after graduating from American University in 2018.

I'm a Texas transplant who is always on the hunt for Tex-Mex and good BBQ sauce. I spend my spare time listening to figure skating and true crime podcasts, catching up on the latest news in voting rights, and FaceTiming my Texan dog, Skippy.

Obed Ventura

Obed Ventura

Support and Partnerships Coordinator

I’m Obed, (he/him). I’m Action Network’s Partnership and Support Coordinator. I’m here to answer all your Action Network related questions -- from how to create a tag to how to become a partner. I also lead trainings and demos to make sure you have the resources you need to organize successful campaigns. I hope to see you join me on one of them!

I was born in the Bay Area, but I got my start organizing as a student at Georgetown University. I believe that all workers deserve a dignified quality of life, regardless of what industry they work in. I became involved with the Georgetown Solidarity Committee on several contract renegotiation campaigns to support new contracts for workers in the cafeteria and facilities. I also assisted with USAS’ Just Do The Right Thing campaign to get Georgetown to cut its licensing contract with Nike after the company went back on its commitment to allow independent monitors in its factories. When I’m not answering your support questions, I’m likely binge watching Pose or Bojack Horseman or searching for the best pupuseria in DC.

Let's partner up and get organizing.

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